The most natural form of kashkaval is with you with the DM Gıda difference!

Our Kashkaval Cheese which is the indispensable cheese of our tables with its taste, makes a difference not only in breakfast but also in all meals in our kitchen.

It is also important food for bones and dental health with the amount of calcium it contains.

We offer you our delicious kashkaval in different sizes to serve our consumers in best way and to increase awareness worldwide.

Energy and Nutrients (amount in 100 gr.)

Energy (kcal/kj) 346,7/1450,38
Carbohydtrade(g) 3
Fat(g)  25,3
Protein (g) 26,8
Calcium(mg) 700

Packaging Options

Sizes unit per carton Carton net weight Storage Temperature
250 gr 18 4,5 kg +4 C
500 gr 12 6 kg +4 C
700 gr 12 8,4 kg +4 C
8 kg 1 8 kg +4 C