Affiliated Companies


Navimarfood Milk and Dairy products factory located in Mersin free zone; is based on a total area of 9400 thousand m². At Navimarfood facilities which consist of 4200 thousand m² closed area, has 438 million liters of milk processing capacity annually and employs 38 people.



 Hamdibey Dairy and Nutrition Production Facilities serves on a 15,000 m² area; of which 3,000 m² is closed, including 1 additional building (cafeteria and lodging). With ite 6 administrative staff and 30 production staff, the facility processes 20.000 lt of milk on average daily. Our factory is producing many kinds of cheese for our our brands as well as for other brands in desired weights.

Our main products are as follows. :

  • Block Mozzarella
  • Mozzarella
  • Sesame Tulum Cheese
  • Zahter Tulum Cheese
  • Mild Cream
  • Cream Feta Cheese
  • Sheep Cheese
  • Goat Cheese
  • Roll Feta Cheese


Alliba Food Company, founded in Baghdad continues to focus on high quality with its more than 1000 employees since 2003. Being one of the leader food companies in Iraq, our mission is to offer consumers the healthiest and the highest quality foods in fastest ways.

Alliba Food Company, meets different needs in dairy products and frozen goods with its highly wide product range. By following global trends closely, Alliba is the market leader in many product categories. We try to bring the most desired brands for Iraqi people. ALLIBA is proud to offer healthy, novelty seeking and delicious products to consumers since foundation.

We aknowledge that the most mportant responsibility of being a food distributor is not only to contribute in the nutrition quality of Iraq but also develop the life quality of it’s people.
We work for this purpose…

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Our factory reconstructed in 2015 on a 2000 m2 land with 600m2 closed area, has a capacity of 10 tons of spreadable cheese and labneh production daily.

Two factories emplyos 37 staff in total.

We also have a 1400 m2 closed area packing warehouse



ADT continues its operations with its 2 administrative and 15 production staff on a total of 4.046 m² closed area. Many cheese products are manufactured in our facility. In this facility we produce for our own brands as well as for other brands in desired weights.


Our main products are :

  • Dried Milk
  • Butter
  • Cheese and Dairy Fat Storage
  • Processing and Repackaging


Our company is founded in Haspolat industrial zone and started its operations in 2015, finding a reputable place in the industry in a short period of time with its remarkable product quality and service concept. Necessary investments are made in order to follow up with the developping and ever changing global needs and to continue production in line with the Turkish food legislation and food safety management system requirements.

PAKSUT puts human health first. That’s why, to preserve high hygiene levels, all products are controlled by quality-control staff at every stage of the production, samples are first investigated at our own laboratories. Those investigations are followed up by regular government audits in order to make independent laboratory analysis to check the results.

PAKSUT has earned ISO9001, ISO22000 and ISO 14001certification in 2015.

By aknowledging the secret of higher quality products lies beneath the qualified manpower, and by employing experienced and well educated staff we always look for improving and developping our systems and our production.