DM Gıda supplies milk and cheese to the world’s leading supermarkets and wholesalers.
DM Gıda has a big share in the Middle East market with its own brands and serves worldwide known brands with its products as “private label”.
DM Gıda has various warehouses and factories in Canakkale, Mersin, Cyprus and Malaysia.

DMTrade Brands;

  • Mersin
  • Lizetta
  • Nart
  • Navi Dairy
  • Entheos

Since its establishment in 2003 DM Trade became one of the leading importers and exporters of Turkey with its wide range of products in the dairy industry and with its domestic and overseas business partners. Besides its wide product range, DM Trade is one of the companies that has the most variety in terms of products and has the largest market in share within the country in cheese industry. DM Trade having a large scale of export operations alongside in domestic market, has been exporting to many countries of the World, mainly in Middle East for a long time.

Below are the counties that DM Trade exports most. With more than 100 customers in collaboration within these countries, DM Trade delivers freshest cheeses to the World by expanding its export network everyday.

DM Gıda Exports countries:
America, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Lebanon, Libya, Oman Sultanate, Syria, Jordan, Albania and Palestine.

DM Food in Turkey;
Dairy products imported from countries such as America, Australia, Ukraine, New Zealand are supplied to important brands in Turkey and a continuous service can be provided thanks to the wide range of raw materials. With these facilities, DM Trade has been one of the leading raw material providers in the dairy industry in Turkey.

DM Food in the World;
DM Trade, being one of the most important exporters of Turkey in the dairy industry, has a growing structure every day by aiming always high objectives to increase its market shares. Dm Trade has been moving forward to its goals in the way to be one of the most innovative and trustworthy dairy products exporters of Turkey by increasing the export figures incrementally every year.

We take part in the world’s largest food fairs for years. Some of them are as follows;

  • Sial: Paris 
  • Sial: Abu Dhabi
  • Gulfood: Dubai

To make DM Trade brand a known and preferred brand worldwide.

Our Mission
To become the producer company of the most beloved dairy products by consumers.

Special Dairy Products


Always support nature, in order to deliver always high quality and healthy products to our consumers.


To deliver the best service from factories to consumers table without compromising in cleanliness and hygiene


To always stay dynamic and innovator in order to provide new tastes in dairy products to our customers.


To be a well known and beloved brand not only in Turkey but also in all over the World